2024 John R. Williams Exempt Teams

The following teams will earn exemptions into the John R. Williams Invitational:

  • Championship Division:  Top 16 teams (and ties) from the past 2 JRWs
  • Championship Division:  Past Champion Teams (last 10 years)
  • Senior Division:  Top 4 teams (and ties) from the past 2 JRWs
  • Senior Division:  Past Champion Teams (last 5 years)

To register as an exempt team, your team must be identical to the team that secured the exemption.  No individual exemptions are being granted.  Exempt teams may click on the appropriate tab on the home screen above to register for the 2024 Williams. You will receive confirmation of your registration and appropriate payment information at that time.


2023 Top 16 Teams (Championship Division)
1st Simon McInnis Garrett Rank
2nd Zack Miller Chris Qvale
T3 Billy Hanes Dave Hanes
T3 Billy Peel IV Brendan Peel
5th Rick Stimmel Ryan Prokay
T6 Dan Bernard Mike Davis
T6 Chris Ironroad Tyler Gulliksen
8th John Hunter Jordan Russell
T9 Philip Reale Christian Brand
T9 Kyle Downey Adam Condello
T9 Russell Bowie Phil Arci
T9 Billy Wingerd Jeff Castle
13th Denver Haddix Andy Roberts
14th Spencer Cole Steven Bright
T15 Nick Sortino Andrew Fedele
T15 Amory Davis Chris DeForest
2022 Top 16 Teams (Championship Division)
1st Chris Kamin Danny Licursi
2nd Kyle Downey Brandon Grzywacz
T3 William Wingerd Jeff Castle
T3 Amory Davis Chris DeForest
T5 Marc Engellenner Domingo Jojola
T5 Mike Kennedy Rick Dowling
T6 Shane Heise Scott Loving
8th Sam Jackson Zachary Herold
9th Matt Parziale Herbie Aikens
10th Adam Thomarios Dan Wittlinger
T11 Christian Chapman Danny Gianniny
T11 Joel Durrance Tim Saur
T13 Erick Morales Tommy Smith
T13 Andy Fretthold Nate Peck
T15 Zan Banks Mike Stamberger
T15 Billy Hanes Jamie Miller
T15 John Hunter Clay Fullick
Championship Division Winners Last 10 Years (2012-2023)
2023 Simon McInnis Garrett Rank
2022 Chris Kamin Danny Licursi
2021 Tyler Gulliksen Chris Ironroad
2018 Simon McInnis Garrett Rank
2017 Eric Rustand Clark Rustand
2016 John Hunter Kyle Nathan
2015 Simon McInnis Garrett Rank
2014 Nick Palladino Oliver White
2013 Dave Poteet Mike Cromer
2012 Ronald DeNunzio David DeNunzio
2023 Top 4 Teams (Senior Division)
1st Adam Creighton Dave Bunker
T2 Bob Royak Doug Hanzel
T2 Dennis Martin Mike Combs
4th Keith Holmes Gay McMichael
2022 Top 4 Teams (Senior Division)
1st Bob Royak Doug Hanzel
T2 Jon Lindstrom Chris Carlson
T2 Steve McPherson Jerry Gunthorpe
T2 Rob Cowan Dave Bunker
Senior Division Winners Last 5 Years (2017-2023)
2023 Adam Creighton Dave Bunker
2022 Bob Royak Doug Hanzel
2021 Wade Sarkis Jim Scorse
2018 Bob Royak Doug Hanzel
2017 John Kircher Mike Jaros